14TH JUNE 2019


Personal Styling presentation - Sprinkle of Sparkle Charity Lunch.

Personal Styling presentation - Sprinkle of Sparkle Charity Lunch.

Have you ever had to give a presentation to an audience and felt out of your depth and stressed at the thought?

Do you avoid giving presentations as it is your biggest business weakness?

Do you need to talk to your potential clients through a group presentation as part of your advertsing campaign?

Do you find that when you give a presentation, it didnt deliver the results you were expecting?

Would you like to learn insider tips to cover all your needs to deliver inspiring talks that keep your audience captivated and that you enjoy?

If you have said yes to most of these questions, the answer and solution is to invest in our Masterclass.

We recognise there is a lack of preparation and skill to acheive a professional and confident talk as many business people, entrepreneurs and stylists do not realise that they need to add this to their skill set. Once you have mastered these skills, not only will your confidence soar, but you will unlock the next level to your business.

We all now need to engage face to face with our audience , to ultimately increase sales and we need to network and put ourselves ‘out there’ to present to an audience to enable maximum effect and influence.

We cover the following areas.

  • How to prepare - visual impact and personal image. Focal points .

  • Verbal and vocal preparation - how to empower your voice across a large audience.

  • Visual props and aids, what works and what doesn’t.

  • The content - what works and when to stop labouring on a point.

  • Creating energy in the room and keeping the energy to the end

  • Engaging your audience.

  • How to control the nerves

  • How to increase turnover through a presentation.

  • Insider tips and tricks from those with experience.

We are delighted to announce that our guest speaker for the Masterclass is William Hanson - The UK’s leading Etiquette and Protocol Expert.