Women's Styling

Having your own expert personal stylist to organise your wardrobe and advise you on styles, outfits and brands to suit your body shape, lifestyle and budget, is an experience we should all invest in at important times of our lives. Whether it is turning a milestone age to needing an expert to help you feel confident and wonderful everyday, what you invest in the cost will save you from avoiding expensive shopping mistakes in the future. Once you have experienced a styling session with The Stylist London, you may never want to shop alone again!


The Wardrobe workout

What would you expect to gain from a wardrobe workout?

It may seem a daunting task to deal with, however, there are so many aspects of this service that are so beneficial to your personal wellbeing that it is sometimes hard to explain.

Many women complain that they have nothing to wear. Trying to explain that to their other half, when their wardrobe is crammed full of clothes, can be frustrating. It is a very good point to raise though, as up to 80% of any woman’s wardrobe gets unused for a variety of reasons.

Whether it is too big or small but kept just in case; they love it but don't know what to wear it with; they have an emotional attachment to it or it was so expensive and therefore impossible to get rid of. Whatever the reason, many frustrations of the wardrobe come into our everyday lives.

Investing in a professional stylist will solve all the wardrobe issues and set you on a clear path to the perfect working wardrobe to suit all your lifestyle needs.

Firstly, the stylist will work through your wardrobe in a systematic way and contrary to rumours, she won’t throw out things on a whim or insult your choices of clothing.She will clear the clearly not needed any more items based on a tick list and if you start to worry, they are just taken to a storage area out of the way of the working wardrobe.She will advise on any alterations that will bring a garment back to life.She will create a shopping list of the gaps and recommend brands.She will put together exciting new outfits with your existing wardrobe, that you would never have thought of and take photos for you.She will look at underwear, and give you the all-important correct bra fitting.Shoes and accessories are also covered in order to ensure that you have complete outfit options for all occasions.

You will be left with a pile of clothes you were given permission to throw (to charity preferably), an ordered wardrobe of clothing that will allow you to dress effortlessly and stylishly each morning.

A wardrobe that really works for your lifestyle and body shape.

The whole experience is cathartic, uplifting and most importantly, the stylist makes it fun!

The Wardrobe Workout - £250



Once you have decided to invest in a style experience day, your personal stylist will send you a client form to fill in, which helps her prepare for the day.

 Before the session, your stylist will also phone you to chat through what you would love to ultimately achieve from your experience. Your goals and aims, and most importantly the areas you really want to change, will be the focus of the day to achieve the perfect wardrobe for you.

Your stylist will research brands and styles to suit you so the hard work is done and the day is productive, efficient and fun. A range of clothes will be selected before the styling session, and a suitable location will be chosen to ensure a comfortable environment for you to be styled in. The styling session will also include underwear, shoes and accessories, so that you go home with complete outfits that all intermix to create different looks for different occasions.

The day will give you new found knowledge of how you can look your best and find the perfect brands to suit your body shape.

  • Everything you buy must tick all the boxes for you and your shopping list.

  • You will learn to have fun with colour and know how to wear it confidently in your styled looks. What suits you and how to mix it as part of an outfit.

  • You will learn personal styling tips and tricks to enable you to look effortlessly polished everyday whether it's a relaxed casual look, work look or a glam evening outfit.

  • A personal styling day will start at around 11am (your stylist starts earlier to put stock aside ready fro you) and finish by 3pm with a 30 min break for lunch to recharge your batteries!


Tips for ON THE DAY

  • Make sure you have a good breakfast before embarking on your shopping spree. Shopping requires a lot of energy. Pack a drink and some healthy nibbles to keep your energy up. It can be quite a style marathon.

  • Ensure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can be easily removed as you will be changing a lot throughout the day.Keep jewellery to a minimum too!

  • You will have a budget for the day so you may need to make your credit card company aware of the spending you will be doing.

  • Your stylist will have devised your shopping list for you so that the day has direction and an end point. Photos will be taken of the outfits you are styled in for you to reference later as it can get confusing to remember what went with what. There is no obligation to buy, and there may be a few pieces you are unsure about, which you can of course buy at a later date.


After your Experience

You will find that your experience goes on much longer than the actual day where all the personalised expert style advice starts sinking in and going shopping again will be far more successful in every way.You will also start getting noticed - for all the right reasons - where compliments should be accepted with a smile!

The Style Experience day - £295

The half day Style Experience - £175

The total style experience

Book both the wardrobe and style day experience for the complete styling service

The Complete Style Makeover - £495


Isobel has been fantastic - her advice is a spot on and she has given me a great deal more confidence. The whole experience has been well worth it - and she has gone over and above to deliver a truly superb service. I will be recommending her to my friends!

Julie Anna Cooke Yarborough
— Age 31
Isobel and her team are amazing. Isobel has helped me with my wardrobe for about 4 years now and we usually shop twice a year.I really like pretty much everything she chooses and its pieces that I would never have found on my own.Time is so efficient - 2 hours the other day to buy 15 items, no single piece over £110. I look and feel expensive
— Sally Elliot
Isobel is an amazing Stylist . She found the perfect outfit for my daughters wedding that came within budget with a jacket that I can wear for every occasion and the dress has come out for other events as well. Cant recommend highly enough
— Valerie Beard
Picking out “that outfit” was stress free, fun and efficient. Isobel’s expertise and knowledge was incredible and she made shopping a really enjoyable experience. The outfits selected were perfect. She even went out of her way to organise a make up session with Charlotte Tilbury knowing it would really help me feel confident and special for my party! She really goes that extra mile!
— Alison Wilkinson
Isobel is a very good stylist and a real confidence booster. The whole style day was great fun and saved me time and money. I love what we bought!
— Karen Moyse
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my shopping experience with you both last week.
It’s so helpful having friendly experts choosing what I should be wearing.
I find the casual/ trend look the hardest and you have managed to make me look and feel cool.
Since I’ve been under your guidance,
I’ve felt so much more confident and I’m thoroughly enjoying all the compliments!
I used to think shopping for clothes was an expensive nightmare, you’ve made me realise that Fashion is fun and it doesn’t have to be costly.
Thank you for everything and I look forward to my Stylist Experience in
— Bridget Marr

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