Are you aged 16-26? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but never know what to wear? Are you about to embark on that all important next chapter of your life but do not feel like your current wardrobe is the right one for you or your future?

You are never too young to invest in your image, and the starting point is a review of your wardrobe. If you have managed to create the perfect wardrobe where you love everything, wear everything and have every look on point for all occasions, then you should be a stylist yourself!

However, it that is not the case then this experience may just be what you need!

What does a Wardrobe Styling Session consist of?

 A Wardrobe Styling Session is the first step into creating your perfect wardrobe and to building the right image that works with you, your personality, your aspirations and your lifestyle.

 We all have a tendency to purchase a certain item of clothing because, in the moment, we like a trend or a particular colour, or we've simply noticed it in magazines or on Instagram on our favourite celebrities. This doesn't always mean that these clothes end up being used. We sometimes have a wardrobe full of clothes we don't know how or when to wear. Have you ever tried on 10 different outfits before a night out or a job interview and still struggled to find something that made you feel truly amazing? This happens because we don't always purchase what we actually need or what suits our personality, and current situation. Sometimes, it's even a simple case of just not knowing what suits our body shapes best.

 From finishing college to starting a new career, these are the times in our life which make a significant difference to our future.

 Can you afford not to invest in yourself? This could be the only element standing in the way of you and your dream job.

 This is when a Wardrobe Session with your Personal Stylist comes in...

 Your Stylist will spend two hours with you in the comfort of your own home, getting to know you and what your specific needs are, to make the most of this experience. She will carefully go through your current wardrobe and select pieces which will work with your new outfits, putting together looks which you never would have matched up yourself. As well as a bra fitting, she will also suggest any clothes which need an alteration, so that what you already have works with your body shape perfectly. 

 During this session, your Stylist will write a shopping list of items, anything from clothes to shoes to accessories, that are essential to creating your perfect wardrobe, pieces you will need in order to complete those new and exciting looks that your Stylist has put together for you. She will introduce beautiful colours and prints, inspired by the latest trends, tailored to you. If you've ever wondered what type of jeans you should be wearing or what style of dress would suit you, look no further: she will give you an invaluable amount of tips on what is best for you. 

 Your Stylist will teach you how to stand out for all the right reasons, without having to spend a fortune on looking good. Adding a key piece can change an entire look!

 This session is also a therapeutic way of releasing those items which you've been happy to keep but will have no use for in your new wardrobe. When trying to find clothes which suit your taste and your mood, you can end up with three times more than what you actually need and have space for in your closet. Allowing yourself to be open to change and to quality, not quantity, will make that leap into the next chapter or your life effortless.

 At times we lack confidence but these Wardrobe Sessions are there to empower you with positivity and help you feel great about yourself and your body.  And you will be sure to have a fun along the way!


PRICE - £125



The Wardrobe Start at The Stylist Start is perfect for you...


  • Your Personal Stylist will travel to your home and carefully go through your outfits.


  • She will put to one side what is unnecessary and will create your perfect new wardrobe. 


  • She will show you how to team up pieces and put fabulous outfits together that work for your body shape and your lifestyle. 


  • She will write a shopping list of essential items that you need to complete your looks. 



What YOU will gain:


  • Tips and tricks from a professional Stylist, to know what suits you best.


  • You will discover new ways to create outfits and looks with pieces you already have in your current wardrobe.


  • You will save money by using what you already have and by only buying pieces you need.


  • You will clear space and only keep what you necessary. This can really be a therapeutic experience.


  • This is an investment into your future. Presenting yourself in the right way will make you stand out in the right way.


  • You will have a personalised wardrobe that represents you and no one else.



What are you waiting for...