The Team

My passion and goal with my company The Stylist London was to launch the ultimate team of collaborative experts who together we create Total Image Excellence.

Each member of the team is an entrepreneur in their own right and all deserve the right to be called a guru in their field.I have ensured I have selected the best people to join me in my quest to deliver services for anyone wanting to invest in themselves inside and out.

It was imperative to choose collaborates who are passionate, driven, enthusiastic, loyal and fun, to create services that are elite in this industry.

We offer experiences to ensure you have the choice of investing in all aspects of yourself and your lifestyle.

The Academy

All the team have been trained to train to ensure they meet the standards of education. It is one thing to know your craft but quite another to be able to train others in your field.

We pride ourselves in delivering unique creative training that ensures all students are trained by the best to give them the best opportunities in this competitive industry.

Training - Debenhams Personal Shopping, Heathrow Personal Shoppers, Training for individual personal stylists, Harrods, One to One personal styling training, Dunhill, Youngblood UK Cosmetics, The British School of Etiquette, Epsom College Image workshops, Men’s Styling Training.