Are you aged 16-26? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but never know what to wear? Are you about to embark on that all important next chapter of your life but do not feel like your current wardrobe is the right one for you or your future?



The Wardrobe Start at The Young Style Club is perfect for you...



- Your Personal Stylist will travel to your home and carefully go through your outfits.


- She will put to one side what is unnecessary and will create your perfect new wardrobe. 


-She will show you how to team up pieces and put fabulous outfits together that work for your body shape and your lifestyle. 


-She will write a shopping list of essential items that you need to complete your looks. 



What YOU will gain:


-Tips and tricks from a professional Stylist, to know what suits you best.


-You will discover new ways to create outfits and looks with pieces you already have in your current wardrobe.


-You will save money by using what you already have and by only buying pieces you need.


-You will clear space and only keep what you necessary. This can really be a therapeutic experience.


-This is an investment into your future. Presenting yourself in the right way will make you stand out in the right way.


-You will have a personalised wardrobe that represents you and noone else.



What are you waiting for...