The Style Party

If you love fashion, trends and shopping, this experience is one to love.

We tailor a Style Party to your individual needs to ensure your time with your friends is so enjoyable indulging in a love of fashion and clothes.

There are so many celebrations where The Style Party will be the best experience on offer.

You may be celebrating your 16th, 18th or 21st Birthday where you want an experience to remember!

You may have a prom or leavers ball to prepare for where the thought of some style direction would really help.

And further on in life you may be looking for a bridal party idea to indulge in all things wedding with all your close friends.

How does it work

Once you have decided to book the party, your Stylist will book in the date and then send a form to get an idea of your style direction and needs. She will then source clothes for a rail to bring to your home and take you through a journey of inspirational style and wardrobe essentials. The experience will of course be fun, directional and educational with insider fashion tips and tricks on how to dress confidently and how to use colour and accessories to complete an outfit.

You can either host the party or decide to split the cost between friends, to make it a well worth while investment. It will also give you a taster of how a stylist can be of benefit to you in ensuring you look and feel confident at all times, saving you time and money on those many wasted impulse buys!

The Style Party