The stylist London retail academy

Isobel has been working on various retail projects over the past 10 years engaging with stores, brands and boutiques with a proven track record to drive business and turnover through various tailored training programmes where retailers want to invest in their staff and ultimately increase sales and customer loyalty through shopping experience.

She has worked with companies such as Debenhams personal shopping team; Harrods ; Michael Kors sales; Heathrow personal shopping team; Curve boutique, Bakehouse boutique, Robert Ashworth boutique.

Her passion is to create training programmes for retailers who believe in investing in their staff, giving them a skill set to create a retail styling experience for each customer who comes through the door. With this training, not only will the team feel more skilled and driven to excel daily in their career, but will instantly increase sales through confident buyers.

A retailer may believe that a brand should speak for itself, however the ordinary customer needs to be educated and enticed into trying on new looks and key pieces that actually suit their body shape budget and lifestyle.

Classes are small and task based to ensure learning is optimised and the result proves successful for the investment.

Training modules include

  • An introduction to retail styling.
  • The skill set for the shop floor environment.
  • Creating the experience and educating your customer.
  • Fashion terminology.
  • Engagement and understanding a customer's needs, assessing their body shape budget and lifestyle.
  • Body shapes and choosing the right outfits.
  • Understanding colour and how to use it on the body.
  • Creative accessorising.
  • Effortless upselling.
  • Personal performance drivers.
  • Directing a styling experience.


The training includes homework projects and feedback and can be followed up with 1:1 training appraisals and sessions.

Being an expert stylist advisor comes with skills that need to be trained and reaping the benefits of the training through turnover, staff retention and a happy energised environment is the best investment a company can make.