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You do not need to know everything that I know to be a good stylist, but you do need to know everything I do to train a good stylist
— The hon. isobel kershaw founder and director of the stylist london

to be the best you have to train with the best. join celebrity personal and fashion stylist the hon. isobel kershaw and her team of professional experts at the stylist London academy to launch your dream career as a personal stylist


Whether you are a school leaver, university graduate or want to find a career that you can fit around existing family commitments, our Personal Stylist course will give you all the skills you need to break into the exciting world of styling. Established fashion stylists and Bloggers who want to take their business to the next level will also benefit form our expertise to give them the edge in a competitive and ever evolving industry.


The team

  • Isobel Kershaw - The course director.

  • Clare Pinkney - Make up artist

  • Gustav Fouche - Hair stylist

  • Claire Wacey - Fashion stylist

  • Philip Sykes - Business Etiquette trainer


What the course covers

  • Personal styling for women.
  • Understanding the wardrobe session.
  • Preparing and conducting the styling experience.
  • Body shapes and how to dress.
  • An in-depth understanding of brand fit to body shape.
  • Trends and brands.
  • Bra fitting.
  • Creative colour in fashion.
  • The art of accessorising.
  • How to set up your own website and run it independently.
  • How to set up your own business and how to apply for roles in the industry.
  • Blogging – how to do it well. All the top tips on what works successfully.
  • Instagramming – How to get noticed and create the perfect photo.
  • Photography – essential photography knowledge for a professional finish.
  • Videography – Setting up your you tube channel and creating impactful videos.
  • Beauty – Add another skillset to your business with an accredited beauty workshop to enable you to not only give advice on makeup but also apply it. Another bonus is that you will also learn best tips for you to ensure you are groomed to perfection every day.
  • Hair – Another add on to the competitive edge of styling is the ability to give advice and direction on hair styles. What’s on trend, what styles suit your client, hair care and easy updos.
  • The revision module – this module will be on the last day and with feedback from the students we will devise a day to revise certain aspects of the week. We will also have guest speakers on this day to cover areas such as trend forecasting, the anti-ageing business and many more.
  • As part of the training package, each student is entitled to 1 day’s work experience in one of the areas of styling. This day is booked in after the course.


Who is our student

For anyone who would like to start their career in styling, this course covers everything to prepare you successfully to join the industry, whether you are looking to set up your own business, whether you want to be a fashion stylist, or whether you want to join a retail team, we have all the expertise to help launch you into this exciting new career.

You may also be a stylist who has started out with little training and not have the confidence in some aspects of the job. The Stylist academy is devised in such a way that you can pick and choose the modules that you need training on.

Many established stylists still need to keep up with the ever changing diversities of this job, and therefore areas such as social media are key to keeping you at the top of your game. This course will train you specifically on how to use social media successfully in the styling world.


Unlike many styling course companies, we are an active styling business as well and so not only can we offer work experience for you , but also job opportunities. We only offer work to those stylists who have completed our course to ensure they deliver the same high standards.

All of our trainers are qualified to train- this is essential to keeping the standards of a training academy. Each trainer is also an entrepreneur themselves with existing successful companies, which ensures their skills are practised and up to date.

We promise to support our students beyond the intensive training week. The week is intense with so much information to take in. So many of my past students over the past 10 years still keep in contact and feel very comfortable in asking me advice. We love to create a stylist network and organise gatherings so that you feel part of a group of likeminded people to inspire and energise you.

We offer a days revision which gives you the opportunity to come back with your group and discuss your progress to date and revise areas you feel you need extra help on.



course fee 

PRICE - £350 PER DAY if you would like to do a few of the modules




1st - 5th october 2018. 



Enquire now about Early Bird offers.


What to expect.

You will have a full on schedule for the week which will include homework aswell, so ensure you are fully prepared to get immersed in your new career training. Each day consists of the following modules.

Monday week one

1.What does it take to be a top personal stylist.

2. Trends and how to use them in all aspects of styling.

3. Brand knowledge

4. Intro to body shapes


1. Brands, blocks and body shapes.

2. Bra fitting and shapewear.

3. Creative Colour and the art of accessorising.

4. preparing for the wardrobe appointment. The paper work.


1. Wardrobe management

2.  Intro to Presentation skills

2. Preparing for the styling session


Out on a Styling session.


1.Review of the styling session as part of a presentation

2. Your business ethos and etiquette.

3. Personal brand development skills

4. Photoshoot opportunity for work and profile

Celebration drinks.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate endorsed by your trainers.

(Note. A styling course does not need to have a certified endorsement to be able to practise.)


1 day add on workshops

Dates TBC

Price - £350

Location - Central London

Time - 10am - 5pm


how to create the perfect look for yourself and advise your clients on top tips and brands

social media skills for stylists

1. Blogging-how to do it well. All the top tips on what works successfully

2 Videography-Setting up your you tube channel and creating impactful videos

3. Instagram - interesting feeds and directional promotions


 learn how to present yourself in terms of your hair - styles to suit and changing your look. How to use this knowledge to advise your client- hair trends, colour, maintenance and product.

presentation skills

everyone needs to have this skill to ensure they are confident when presenting to a group or to camera. learn top tips on presentation skills that will elevate your ability to network and advertise your business. learn how to feel confident and calm before a presentation as well as how to enjoy rather than fear standing in front of an audience. 

how the course can work for you.

If you are a personal stylist but would like to join us on any of the single days to brush up on your skills, you can book any of the days you would like to attend. 

If you are a budding stylist and starting from scratch, you will be booking all 5 days. With this, you will also receive a free revision day with a trainer to discuss your business plan and revise any areas you are not confident with. You will also receive a work experience day working with one of the stylists or trainers on any area of the business subject to bookings. This can be a wardrobe or styling session, a fashion shoot, and event or a training day.

If you would like to do a course but would like to budget over the course of a few months, you can receive a one to one training programme which can be week day or weekend based. The fee for a one to one session is £475 per day.

If you would like to join a course in the future, please do register your interest with us. We can start a budget plan for you whereby you can pay into your training account over the months leading up to your course.

Be aware of early bird offers, as we will promote them before each course.

Check out the blog on key considerations when choosing a course.




The training week with Isobel was such a huge learning curve for us all. We were all from different backgrounds , ages and nationalities. There was a lot of information and framework to understand and this was helped so much by the practical shopping and styling tasks that enabled us to practice what we had learnt or make complete mistakes! It felt like a safe environment to practice, experiment and push yourself whilst learning from others.It was a really hands on experience with lots of support and guidance from Isobel. We all came away as qualified stylists, and there was also the extra continued work experience and more valuable time to learn from isobel whilst working with real clients.This really helped put what we had learnt into practice. Isobel also continued as ongoing support via emails, social media or calls which felt very supportive when starting on a new venture.
Amazing experience and made friends for life
— Claire Davies - Carr
Style Academy was a fun and really informative course with excellent highly relevant content. Isobel was an incredibly knowledgeable and professional teacher as well as being kind and approachable. The work experience with Isobel was invaluable to me as without it I would never have been able to see what it was really like to be a personal stylist. It was the beginning of a new career that I absolutely love.
Clare Edwards
What I love about Isobel is her unbelievable knowledge of dressing women of any shape and making them feel fabulous and also teaching me how to dress a body shape on any budget and still look amazing. My greatest takeaway is looking good doesn’t have to cost a million dollars! She is an amazing mentor and tutor, highly recommended if you want to learn how to be a creative and visionary stylist or even to dress yourself better. Her practical insights are second to none.
Shamanth Paramasibam

I decided to sign on for the Personal Styling Course on the year, in fact the week of a very big birthday & celebrated it on the day with most of my other team students after a shopping day, just what I needed as a moral booster!It was a steep learning curve, with a huge amount of information to absorb, but as it was close to my heart, well worth it.

Isobel is such a professional, with a wealth of knowledge, having worked in the fashion industry for many years & knows her brands impeccably - showing me which brands & price points I could relate to - great for me personally & for future  stepping out on my own to advise clients!

The course was a wonderful experience & I’m thoroughly glad I did it!  Thank you Isobel (& of course the rest of your team!!)

D. Jordan Personal Stylist / Interior Designer






I trained with Isobel a few years ago now and haven’t looked back. Isobel has such a wealth of experience in the fashion and styling industry which was what nailed it for me to sign up. She lives, eats, breathes and sleeps fashion and style and will always go that extra mile for you. She is a very inspirational woman who gives you the confidence and guidance to go far in this industry. Her training and teaching skills are second to none! I can highly recommend her course, she is phenomenal !! You wont be disappointed!
— Suzanne Hollingsworth - Stylist and Beauty expert
I am so glad I chose the Stylist London Personal styling course. The nature of the academy and the smaller group sizes allows for a fun environment where you really get to know everyone there, whilst receiving focused, in depth training. Isobel’s knowledge , experience and passion of styling shines through the whole academy and I truly believe I received the best training. The support since finishing the course has been amazing and the work experience days really put all the learning into practice . I would not hesitate to recommend the academy to anyone looking to kick - start their career in styling!
— Loren - Personal Stylist