Modern Etiquette

Isobel adds to her repertoire of training -The Stylist London Modern Etiquette Academy run in collaboration with The British School of Etiquette. This academy covers all aspects of etiquette including dress codes, how to dress elegantly, walking in heels, demeanour and creating presence. We also run training for corporates and retailers tailor made to the each brand and company- business excellence and corporate etiquette.

With her background, her retail and styling experience, and her own social lifestyle, she is the perfect trainer for modern etiquette and social intelligence.

The importance of presenting oneself well within every environment is one that can empower anyone to feel confident and relaxed as well as showing respect to the audience and creating an aspirational presence.

Never underestimate the psychology of clothing, but use it as your tool to visual excellence, understanding how to project your personality through your clothes, before you have even introduced yourself verbally.

The workshop is for individuals who want to brush up on etiquette that relates to their lifestyle or career. Others may want to have the etiquette experience in order to feel confident at formal dinners and social occasions, wanting to learn how to dress, enter a room confidently, wear heels with ease and understand the nuances and dress code guidlelines of the British calendar of events.


The individual workshop covers the following modules

  • How to dress successfully for events with a dress code, understanding your body shape, brands and outfit options.

  • The finishing touches - makeup and how to wear it for a flawless elegant look. Hair styles for every occasion.

  • Accessorising your outfit confidently - what to wear and not to wear.

  • Walking in heels. Poise and posture.

For a one day 1:1 workshop

price - £750

Isobel is the quintessential lady. Elegant, stylish and sophisticated. I have spent many rewarding hours learning from her. She is a wonderful example of ‘a lady’ . Isobel has amazing knowledge and a wealth of experience and I would recommend her to anyone with a flair for style and wants to develop and elevate it to the next level.
— Roya Devon. Dubai Etiquette Academy

The Academy also offers a correspondence course for those people who would like to add on skills to their own businesses. The modules include

  • How to dress successfully for social occasions

  • Understanding body shapes and brands to suit your client

  • Accessorising an outfit with elegance

  • Make up - how to create a flawless look for your client and their lifestyle

  • Hair styles - daily hair grooming and styled up does

  • Wedding etiquette - social manners and dress codes for guests

  • Social dress codes for men

  • Personal grooming for men

price - £295 per module

What to expect

The correspondence course is designed to allow people across the world to train without the cost of travel. It is also designed to allow you to go at your own pace as you can pay as you go per module.

Each module is interactive and task based. You are assigned your own tutor for each module where you can interact with them via skype and webinars to ensure you can be trained visually practically as well as theoretically, which is essential to these fields of training.



Location - The Chesterfield Hotel Mayfair London

The Lady etiquette style experience- A 2 day workshop to inspire women to elevate their confidence through visual elegance and demeanour.

With royal and ladylike etiquette being at the forefront of the news, its the perfect time to assess your personal  dress codes and visual presentation.The Honourable Isobel Kershaw has collaborated with a team of style and etiquette experts to take you through a journey on how to look and feel like a Lady. 

The workshop runs over 2 days. We teach you how to dress elegantly for social occasions. Building the perfect feminine classic wardrobe for all events. Walking in heels and how to accessorise with class. You will then be shown make up tips and tricks for a flawless day look which can then be transformed to a glamourous evening option. For the final part of your transformation our hair expert will teach you how to create polished groomed hair for everyday wear, and striking up does that create the finish to any feminine elegant image.

The final part of your 2 day course, will end with an afternoon tea experience where our etiquette expert will guide you through the English ceremony with poise and confidence.

Please enquire further regarding dates and prices.