Men's Styling


The wardrobe management session is for those men who want order in their busy daily lives, and ease of finding the right outfit to suit all aspects of their lifestyle. They may have a wardrobe full of outdated suits and basic casual, and find it challenging to put together a smart casual office look that still projects success, or that date night outfit for effortless style. Whatever interest or lack of a man has in shopping for clothes, The Stylist always knows that they still want to look good but not look like they have tried.

The stylist ensures that the investment of a wardrobe management will ensure a successful working wardrobe. The client will have an ordered concise wardrobe which has been decluttered, easy to manage, and any gaps will be written up into a stylist list with brands to suit.

The non-working clothes will be cleared and taken away, the potential items that need retailoring will be pinned and taken away for alteration, the good working pieces will be ordered back and wardrobe accessories such as the right hangers, will be advised upon. Your ties will be given an overview, along with shoes, and sportswear.

The Stylist will also check the fit and cut of the brands you buy and offer advice on other brands that work for your body shape lifestyle and budget.

An efficient fast, productive service to solve all your clothing needs.

wardrobe Management appointment - £275



Many men prefer not to shop for many reasons – no time, no inclination and no style direction. However, most men still want to look good.

Having The Stylist will ensure you achieve all your clothing needs in a fast pace efficient and comfortable environment, to make you wonder why you haven’t invested in one before.

On the day of your appointment, the stylist will have prepared most of your wardrobe options beforehand so that you arrive to her preselected choices. You will not need to leave the fitting room as she will work at a fast pace to bring in all those pieces that are available in the store of your first location. She understands that the appointment needs to be fast and efficient and will put together all the looks and outfits that are on the essential list as well as thinking on the spot of other needs and different locations to suit and complete the list.

You will go home with a lot of clothes but will then realise the CPW (cost per wear) aspect of the new wardrobe along with the long term investment pieces, will serve you well for a long time.

You will not need to shop again on your own, but can book a session each season for a top up and season refresh. All it takes is 3 – 4 hours out of your busy working week once a season to successfully create the wardrobe you need for your busy working lifestyle.

the stylist appointment - £295


Isobel you are a miracle worker! Thanks for your time, your care and your brilliance! Very excited! Can’t thank you enough!
— Robin Kermode - Leading Communication coach
Like so many 50 something businessmen, I had not had much time over the last few years to tend to my wardrobe. Much of what was in it was ill fitting or tired or just simply missed the mark and there wasn’t much in there that I looked forward to wearing. So I recruited Isobel to sort my wardrobe out. She was brilliant in encouraging me to jettison 90% of the detritus I had accumulated and to undertake a complete makeover of a range of clothes I would be able to well and look great in. Everything got addressed in a pretty painless process. Choices of colours and a new dinner jacket to much improved jeans and trainers - and everything in between.
Her eye for what specifically worked for me was unerring.
I have had countless compliments from my family, friends and colleagues about how much better I look!
An amazing efficient creative professional service for the busy executive businessman!
— Humphrey Cobbold - CEO PureGym