The Makeup Masterclass


Ever wondered which products would suit you and your skin best? Have you always wanted to learn the latest tips and tricks to create any makeup look? Do you keep spending money and time on products that just aren't working for you?



A Makeup Masterclass will help you with ALL your makeup needs...



-You will fill in a client form, with cosmetic brands that you currently use and areas you want to work on.


-Your makeup artist will carefully review your makeup bag and any products that you use. 


-She will put any items aside that are unnecessary or do not work for you.


-She will bring a selection of products to show you that are suitable for you and your skin and will show you how to apply them.


-She will answer any makeup queries you have.


-She will write a shopping list of products and tools that will be perfect to create your makeup looks.



What will you gain from this session?


- Tips and tricks that will work for you.


-A session that is tailored to you and your needs.


-Learning which products suit your skin.


-Saving money by only buying products that are effective and that work.


-Saving time by not having to research the internet for hours on what to use.


-An invaluable session on learning how to use makeup in the best way possible. 


-Learning what colours work for you with your wardrobe.


-Making sure that the products that you have are skin friendly and will not irritate you. Good and healthy skin starts young!


-Finding budget friendly products that work as effectively as expensive ones.



A Makeup Masterclass is invaluable and all the skills you will gain are necessary tools to have. Because what you apply on your face is just as important as the clothes you wear!