Isobel Kershaw - The Founder and face of The Stylist London.

When booking with any company who offers services and training - it is important to feel safe in the hands of an expert and that is what you get here at The Stylist London.

Isobel has more knowledge and experience than any other stylist in the UK if not globally! Not only that, but her skills and knowledge are at executive level which cannot be copied or trained by anyone else.

Her journey started with a friends sewing machine and the production of a satin camisole at the age of 16. She was always creative and had an innate sense of style and creativity that stood out. She pursued a degree in fashion and textiles which she completed successfully before travelling off to Madrid to work with designers Loewe and Alfredo Caral. She qualified as a pattern cutter as well as a designer and uses that knowledge today for tailoring and body shape analysis.

She then came back to London as she was offered a place on the elite Executive training scheme at Harrods. She progressed through the ranks and was chosen by the chairman to train further on the Chairman’s senior management programme before she was promoted to Acting Director. Throughout her 9 years at Harrods , she worked not only on the fashion floors but also launching Harrods International, working on the home wares floor and designing management training programmes which were implemented across the business.

She then transferred her skills to Frank Usher where she was Head of Retail and Buying for the 10 concessions. Due to her large skill set, she was then promoted to Product Director where she guided the design team through the collection design to shop floor process, where nothing could go in the collection unless it was passed by her. This skill and role ensured that the collection was cohesive and marketable with fashion forecasting elements to drive sales to the ultimate client.

During this time ,whilst an amazing career path, where she travelled to Europe for the shows, enabling her to use her Spanish and french communication, she felt a calling to set up her own business. A difficult decision to make but with a work life balance consideration, she did just that. The styling business went from strength to strength, when she was put in connection with NHJ Style to work with them in conjunction with her own business. She was in demand , and her skills built up over the past 20 years meant that she was the ultimate catch to take this company to the next level.

With her in depth skills in retail and fashion, she went into partnership and wrote the first Personal styling training programme which launched in 2008. She trained 100’s of wonderful women and men under this partnership, and so many of which still are in contact due to her ultimate promise and passion to singularly help them to achieve their goals.

She also wrote and trained the Men’s styling course as was unique in having the menswear knowledge and experience.

The correspondence course was to follow which she wrote tirelessly on a trip to New York. This enabled so many students to achieve their dreams under the guidance and coaching of Isobel herself.

Whilst a good run with this company ,Isobel realised that it was better to build her own dream rather than being the person to build another persons dream and so she launched her own company again in 2017 - The Stylist London - and hasn’t looked back.

It’s all about building your own brand when you have the knowledge and experience to do so. With that inspiration and drive, she has built the most exciting empire and collaborates with the best skilled people in the business with the key element of loyalty and respect.

Being authentic in this business sets her apart and she prides herself on having done the time in this industry to give her the edge overall.

Therefore when you invest in your training and future career, think twice about handing over your hard earned cash to someone who hasn’t actually done the time in this business or isn’t qualified to teach!

If you are researching stylists, ensure you choose a stylist that really understands your lifestyle and wardrobe needs!