Isobel kershaw

founder, celebrity stylist, presenter, trainer 

Isobel is a top celebrity personal stylist with over 25 years’ experience in the fashion Industry. What she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing, and not only does she have a large portfolio of clients both in the UK and worldwide, but she has also taught the world's future successful stylists. Her knowledge of fashion and styling is second to none, which enables her to not only style her clients but create an experience which goes well beyond their expectations. She has literally changed people’s lives with a styling session, empowering people with clothes to achieve their goals at work, in their daily lives, with their confidence and with their relationships. She has an innate understanding of people’s needs and her life skills enable her to empathise with her client's concerns. A styling day with Isobel is an investment for life, an education as well as a fun day where at the end of it the client goes home with the perfect new wardrobe, feeling confident, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Isobel is known for her sense of humour and ability to create such a comfortable environment for her clients hence her clients love to come back each season rather than go out shopping on their own ever again.

As well as the styling services, Isobel's other passion is training. In her previous role as a partner in a leading styling business, she designed, launched and ran training courses for individuals, retailers and corporates. The Stylist London has built on her experience to offer a unique Style Academy to train the stylists of the future to be the best in this ever increasing competitive business.

Whilst her job is rather 24/7, she also enjoys the job as a mother to her son, and has recently taken up more sporting pursuits with her other half such as cycling, golf and skiing! She of course loves an excuse to dress up and go out and fortunately her social life is full with events, dinners, fashion networking and holidays!