The Finishing Touches

Hair and makeup are the essential finishing touches to your image and an outfit, whether it is everyday looks or a special occasion. We all have a hair stylist and most use makeup, however, investing in the right professionals to show you how to get it right and personalised to you and your lifestyle, is a worth while investment.

make up and you.

Are you someone who hasn't really invested in make up and skincare before but wants to learn how to care for your skin and be advised on a few tips and tricks for the no make up make up look?

Have you got stuck in a rut with wearing the same make up for the past 10 years and would like a refresh on brands and looks that specifically work for you?

Or do you have a special occasion where you would like to hire an inspirational make up artist for your important day?

Whatever your makeup and skincare needs, at The Stylist London we have the experts to help you achieve the best results whatever the brief.

We also offer one to one make up masterclasses, another great investment in ensuring you have a tailor made regime to suit your skin and lifestyle. Clare will analyse you existing makeup products and take you through the best items you need to ensure you have a complete set and dont make those frustrating bad buys ever again. It is not just a session on makeup but an education and experience to ensure you feel rejuvenated for a long time after



Your hair is your crowning glory and can look fabulous with the right guidance by the right expert. Gustav Fouche, our hair expert not only has the knowledge and creativity to transform your hair, but he also creates a wonderful fun and informative experience for you. You will learn what tones of hair colour really suit your skin tone, which products to buy to achieve healthy and shiny hair, which style will suit your face shape and how to achieve a red carpet look.

Gustav is based in Surrey and Central London.

If you want to take the plunge to reinvent your hair or looking for a hairstylist to refresh your look, please do get in touch.