Advanced Night Repair By Estee Lauder Has Many Uses

Ladies I want to share a really incredible beauty tip with you today! My hero product for my makeup Kit! Advanced night repair by Estee Lauder. This little pot of miracles has many amazing uses! Mix with foundation, concealer, blusher, powder highlighters and so on for a glow & hydration of the skin.

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It’s my holy grail product and I use it on most of my models and clients when they need to look radiant and flawless especially if their under eye is a bit dry and tired looking. I mix one tiny drop of this with each powder or cream makeup product and work into the skin on my hand and then press into the skin for a really natural finish.

Blusher looks dewy, highlighter looks like air and eyeshadows come to life in a way you’d never believe! All the while your skin is loving you for using this during the day as it’s filled with hylauronic acid this acid is natural and hold 1000xs it’s body weight in water (It’s found in the eyes and keeps eyes plump and full of fluid) so can you imagine the benefits of using it with your makeup not just at night! 

Blog post by Sarah Bacchus