Skype Makeup Lessons

Ladies its essential how you choose how to present ourselves to the world. Making the right choices is very easy with a keen eye. Some days we don't have the energy and I for one love no makeup days and casual messy hair in a bun afternoons writing for The Stylist London in my most cozy loungewear. But I equally love to dress up and look stylish in every way possible as it's all part of my job to look good. And that includes my makeup 

 Skype Makeup Lessons, Makeup Artist, Photographer, 

Private sessions can be booked exclusively so you can pick my brains about how to create the perfect makeup for any look you need. Basic daytime right through to an important event. We will sit together and chat about products, do our makeup together and choose something from your wardrobe to compliment the entire look, or the other way round. Complimenting your entire look with the right makeup can really finish off any outfit. If you need a wardrobe session and are uninspired by your current look then call upon Isobel for her amazing skills at getting you back on track in the personal styling department as you won't look back!

I have so many ladies who send me countless emails about beauty and makeup sessions it occurred to me that we don't even need to be in the same room, chat on the phone, rely on email descriptions or blurry iPhone pictures of your latest selfie. As long as you have smart phone or computer we can connect face to face! You now can recreate your favourite looks, learn how to blend eyeshadow like a pro and acquire all the skills you need to look stunning everyday. The finishing touches to any styling session you have with Isobel.

Skype Makeup Lessons, Makeup Artist, Photographer,

Do you know all the tricks for getting that particular look spot on, do you know how to make the most your face shape, how to compliment your colouring and to let your makeup set your outfit alight?

These choices can be tricky when you want to look your best and don't know how. And in some cases you won't give a hoot and splash your face with water, grab your jeans, a plain T-shirt and you're done. And other times you might need a really nice friend or team of experts to help. 

We all have days, events and times in our lives when a little effort is needed. We all have our own style and it's wonderful. We are all individuals and have totally different lives. So it makes no sense to copy someone else when it comes to looking good. Above all it's so very personal. So I have a the remedy for you...Call me!

I'm asked for makeup styling advice all the time via email, texts and on social media especially when I post a makeup picture on Instagram. These lessons are a valuable addition for anyone wanting professional advice. I'm a recognised educator so i'm validated and insured to teach. A minor point but a vital one as I'm qualified to share my expertise. 

I came up with this idea after chatting to Collette from Pure Form Fitness who wants to promote the photography and makeup services to her clients along with all the other amazing opportunities you have here with TSL. She herself works as one of our online experts. Collette connects mostly via Facebook video format with 100's of clients all over the world. She said to me that not all her clients could be able travel to me for a photoshoot but would love to have a one 2 one makeup or advice session and suggested I look into face to face consultations and lessons...Genius idea!

This means myself and our clients at TSL can be anywhere in the world and I can help them look amazing. No more wasted time for either of us with countless emails and messages. It's all done via a face call and the only thing you need to do is book out a slot of time we can work together.  

Skype Makeup Lessons 

  1. Tell a story every day with your look. Even the most simple and stylish outfit can come alive with the right makeup. Also a look can be overshadowed and look a little unbalanced just as quickly with the wrong elements. If in any doubt I can help with my 30-60 min video calls for all your image needs. From basic everyday makeup lessons, advice on products, brands to look out for and makeup styles to compliment the colours you have in your wardrobe. 
  2. Don't overdo the amount of colours you have going on, or you could end up looking more trashy than you'd have hoped. Get your balance with the right capsule makeup collection and seek help if you need it with a little Skype, Facetime or Facebook session from of me. A private one 2 one advisor in the comfort of your own home. You deserve to understand how to look good and it's just a call away.
  3. Less is most defiantly more. But how do you know what's right for you. Especially if you are feeling a little lost, you cant find the right products or just need an honest professional opinion about how to help your skin. Looking good and looking stylish can easily become more over the top than required. Learning key makeup skills is very easy when you have a makeup styling buddy like myself. 
  4. Remember that you have to start somewhere and makeup is just one factor. For a total confidence booster look at all the other services on offer! On your journey you might just find a new career waiting for you too! 
Sarah Bacchus