Treatments That Allow You To Look Your Best For Your Age!

New innovative antiaging treatments with Lydia Badia. Treatments that allow you to look your best for your age. I met Lydia Badia when I was looking for the best Rhino and Septoplasty surgeon. It was one of the best investments I have made and after a successful rhino/septoplasty 2 years ago, Lydia is my go to Facial plastic and antiaging specialist whom I trust implicitly with my face.

Ageing is not kind to women and whilst I am confident, I enjoy having treatments that allow me to look my best for my age. I am not trying to look younger but just healthy and not tired.

Treatments That Allow You To Look Your Best For Your Age!

I visit Lydia for Botox and she wanted to introduce me to a new product called Ellanse

I decided to take the plunge to invest in this treatment. Lydia advised that whilst my forehead area was looking good my under eye area was looking tired and thin. I have been under unusual stress over the past few years and it was really showing in my skin. 

Lydia always prepares you so well for the treatment in terms of what to expect, as well as when to prepare for the pain, which is never as bad as you think as she is so careful and kind.

we started the treatment where Lydia prepared the areas around the upper cheeks to firstly insert the cannulas. This was perhaps the most uncomfortable part of the treatment, but she introduced an amazing new gadget which zones out the pain, called The Vibrator!

Once the cannulas were in , she then injected the Ellanse filler in a fan like fashion under the skin around the under eye upper cheek area. She then ensured the filler was smooth before removing the cannulas.

The process took about 20 - 30 minutes and was fairly painless with no down time.

My under eye area instantly looked rejuvenated and I was assured that the magic of this treatment would really set in after a month and continue for 12 - 18 months after, as the collagen starts to regenerate.

The only tell tale sign from this treatment were 2 small dot bruises on my cheeks and so would just recommend bringing a concealer stick.

What I love about Lydia and why I would recommend her

Lydia is around my age and is an expert in her field. You can really feel confident that she knows what she is doing and she has a total understanding of how a woman of my age wants to look. She is directional and kind and her client service is excellent.

The treatment starts from £375

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