Essential Advice To Finding The Best Styling Course

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  1. Check out your tutor’s credentials. With so many courses out there, the key area to look at are.
  2. Have they worked in the fashion industry for a significant amount of time?
  3. Do they have all the knowledge and experience to train, answer all questions not only about styling but fashion, pattern cutting, design, blocks and how they relate to body shape, brands, retail and styling?
  4. Has the tutor any credentials to train? Training is a skill set that few have. It is one thing to be a stylist but quite another to be able to train it. If the trainer hasn’t trained in any capacity before they are on the back foot.
  5. Don’t be taken in by labels of celebrity stylists and tv presenters as it doesn’t necessarily mean they can train. There are so many skills that a trainer needs to manage a group of people through a week of intensive training.
  6. Most other trainers have been on train the trainer courses. In general, they are image courses which you will find follow a formatical system with a pyramid selling process. Avoid these they are old fashioned. Styling is creative and so cannot be made into a grid system.
  7. The cost of a course? You may see courses that offer discounts and Groupon. It means that they are not getting the sales. The only discount that is worth looking at is an early bird one as it helps you to commit to a course early so that you can start to prepare for it in good time. The cost is about the investment and, so you can’t make a mistake on choosing the wrong course. Think about how unsuccessful sale buys are.  If it’s about the money first it will invariably not be the right decision investing in your career is one of the most important decisions, you will make so don’t go for the discount or the cheapest. Look at the course content and how successful the team are.
  8. Is the course run by a Stylist company? In this business it is not only about talking the talk you must walk it too. Check that the trainer is a current stylist, i.e. one that is styling now. This is very important as if they don’t, they can become behind the times, trends and styling techniques very quickly. Look at books that Celebrity stylists and TV presenters have written over the last 10 years, e.g. Trinny and Suzannah, they will now look dated. Fashion moves at such a fast pace, with silhouettes, blocks, fabrics and trends changing all the time and if the trainer is out of it they will not provide the up to the minute styling skills you need in this competitive environment.
  9. After course support. Does the course really provide of going support or are they just taking your money and getting you through a conveyor belt training system. looking at the team and how they can help you to not only learn skills of a stylist but also to help you either find a job within the industry or set up your own business with all the creative ideas considering your skill set to launch a specialised service.
  10. Talk to your tutor beforehand. A good course is run by people who can nurture people. The training week is intense and, so you want to feel your tutor is approachable kind informative and creative as well as having all the skills to style train and run a business. Ask if you can contact past students as this is a great way to really find out what the course is like from a student perspective.
  11. Check that the testimonials are authentic. Do check that the testimonials are authentic and that they relate to the trainer who is training you. Some companies have used amazing testimonials that don’t relate to the trainer but to the past trainer and this will be confusing when you are on the course as each trainer is very different.
Personal styling courses, Styling, Fashion bloggers,